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Hi my name is Karren, I love to read and on average I read around 120 books a year. I share what I'm reading with my friends and followers on Goodreads and I have over 1,700 friends. I'm currently ranked at 107 out of Australian Amazons top 500 reviewers and I have written and posted over 320 book reviews. I have a blog and I also regularly post my book recommendations and reviews in two Historical Fiction Facebook groups. Historical Fiction Book Lovers it has over 22,000 members, and I'm a moderator/member of Historical Fiction Book Lovers Society and it has 3,800 members. My book friends follow what I read, they like my reviews and I receive a lot of positive feedback. I love to read historical fiction, general fiction, women's fiction, literary fiction and contemporary fiction. I post all my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Twitter, on my own Facebook page (Karren Reads Historical Fiction) and my blog Tweedvale Girl Book Reviews. Please contact me on skrsander@gmail.com

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